It all started with a question. What city in closest to Honolulu? In the search for a solution, we ended up answering the question for every single city (with a population over 100,000). With all this data, we decided to build CityExtremes to not only tell you the closest cities, but also the farthest ones as well. We even went one step further to identify the closest foreign, farthest domestic and even the closest and farthest in each continent. And in case you were wondering, the closest city to Honolulu is Daly City, California.


What is the largest distance between a city and its closest city?

It turns out that Honolulu, Hawaii is the city that is farthest from its closest neighbor Daly City, California.

What are the farthest city pairs?

There are a few city pairs that are antipodes (as in they are exactly on opposite sides of the world). Depending on where you place the center of each city, we have calculated that Rosario, Argentina and Xinghua, China are the farthest apart at 19,996km.

What city is farthest from the most cities?

You may have discovered that some of the same cities are the farthest cities for many different cities in a region. This is particularly true for Perth, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. However, the city that is farthest from the most number of other cities at 296 is Tauranga, New Zealand.

Are there any cities that are considered part of multiple continents?

Cities that span multiple continents are called transconinental cities. The largest and most notable of these is Istanbul, Turkey. You may find Istanbul listed as a closest or farthest city in Europe and Asia.


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