The World's Longest Scheduled Flight Routes (by great circle distance)

The world's longest scheduled flight route is currently held by Qatar Airways linking Auckland and Doha. Auckland is also a terminus to the world's second longest existing route, a direct connection to Dubai flown by Emirates. This, however, will be surpassed by Qantas in March 2018 with a direct connection between Perth and London.

Note that these distances are based on the actual distances between two cities, and not necessarily the total distance flown. For instance, Air India flights from Delhi to San Francisco often fly over 14,500km to take advantage of favourable tailwinds while the direct distance between the two cities is only about 12,400km.

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Longest Scheduled Flight Routes (announced start date)

# Route km Time
1 Auckland - Doha 14,524 17h30m
Perth - London (24 Mar 2018) 14,499 17h00m
2 Auckland - Dubai 14,191 17h15m
Los Angeles - Singapore (27 Oct 2017) 14,114 18h00m
Houston - Sydney (18 Jan 2018) 13,834 17h30m
3 Dallas - Sydney 13,799 17h00m
4 Atlanta - Johannesburg 13,573 16h30m
5 San Francisco - Singapore 13,572 17h00m

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