The World's Longest Non-Stop Scheduled Flight Routes

The world's longest non-stop scheduled flight route (by great circle distance) is currently held by Singapore Airlines linking New York and Singapore on an 18 hour 30 minute journey. Runner up for falls to the 17hour 50 minute Qatar Airways route connecting Auckland and Doha. And rounding out the top three is the 17 hour 25 minute Qantas direct connection between London and Perth.

Note that these distances are based on the actual distances between two cities, and not necessarily the total distance flown. For instance, Air India flights from Delhi to San Francisco often fly over 14,500km to take advantage of favourable tailwinds while the direct distance between the two cities is only about 12,400km.

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Longest Non-Stop Scheduled Flight Routes (2019)

# Route Distance Time
1 New York (EWR) - Singapore 15,344km / 9,534mi 18h30m
2 Auckland - Doha 14,535 km / 9,032mi 17h50m
3 London - Perth 14,499km / 9,009mi 17h25m
4 Auckland - Dubai 14,200km / 8,823mi 17h10m
5 Los Angeles - Singapore 14,113km / 8,769mi 17h50m
6 Houston - Sydney 13,834km / 8,596mi 17h30m
7 Dallas - Sydney 13,804km / 8,577mi 17h10m
8 New York (JFK) - Manila 13,712km / 8,520mi 16h35m
9 San Francisco - Singapore 13,593km / 8,446mi 17h20m
10 Atlanta - Johannesburg 13,581km / 8,439mi 16h50m

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