Country: Australia

Continent: Australia and Oceania

Population: 546,788

Capital City: No


For all cities with a population greater than five hundred thousand, Newcastle is closest to Sydney and farthest from Safi. The closest foreign city is Auckland and the farthest domestic city is Perth.

Closest European CitiesKM
RussiaOrenburg, Russia13,236
RussiaUfa, Russia13,276
RussiaPerm, Russia13,356
RussiaMakhachkala, Russia13,497
RussiaIzhevsk, Russia13,502
Farthest European CitiesKM
SpainSeville, Spain17,944
SpainMálaga, Spain17,814
SpainMadrid, Spain17,688
SpainValencia, Spain17,428
SpainZaragoza, Spain17,426
Closest City To KM
Not the closest city of any other city
Farthest City From KM
Not the farthest city from any other city