Country: Iran

Continent: Asia

Population: 1,386,030

Country Capital: No

For all cities with a population greater than five hundred thousand, Karaj is closest to Tehran and farthest from Auckland. The closest foreign city is Sulamaniya and the farthest domestic city is Zahedan. See below for the top 5 closest and farthest cities (domestically, internationally and by continent) and to see which cities, if any, Karaj is the closest and farthest to. Filter to include all cities over 100k, 500k or 1 million in population.

Farthest Domestic CitiesKM
IranZahedan, Iran1,162
IranKerman, Iran837
IranMashhad, Iran778
IranShiraz, Iran704
IranOrumiyeh, Iran562
Closest South American CitiesKM
BrazilNatal, Brazil10,044
BrazilJoao Pessoa, Brazil10,099
BrazilRecife, Brazil10,161
BrazilFortaleza, Brazil10,210
BrazilMaceió, Brazil10,342
Farthest South American CitiesKM
ChileSantiago, Chile14,747
ChilePuente Alto, Chile14,746
PeruCallao, Peru14,206
PeruLima, Peru14,200
PeruTrujillo, Peru14,105
Closest City To KM
Farthest City From KM
Not the farthest city from any other city