Country: Saudi Arabia

Continent: Asia

Population: 2,801,481

Capital City: No

For all cities with a population greater than five hundred thousand, Jiddah is closest to Makkah and farthest from Auckland. The closest foreign city is Asmara and the farthest domestic city is Ad-Dammam.

Closest South American CitiesKM
BrazilNatal, Brazil8,650
BrazilJoao Pessoa, Brazil8,673
BrazilRecife, Brazil8,717
BrazilMaceió, Brazil8,876
BrazilFortaleza, Brazil8,901
Farthest South American CitiesKM
PeruChiclayo, Peru13,292
PeruTrujillo, Peru13,259
PeruCallao, Peru13,204
PeruLima, Peru13,198
EcuadorGuayaquil, Ecuador13,107
Closest City To KM
Not the closest city of any other city
Farthest City From KM
Not the farthest city from any other city